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Contact the Amputee Coalition at 888/267-5669 or 17

he still has his Now we want wounds with h we want to “pa with a concert Amputee Coali

i nMotion: Lesl do you see abo and your relati that’s changed lost your leg?

Leslie: I think stronger and sh me stronger. Th God never give than you can h have to believe are days when like putting on face. I know th she wants to sa but she doesn’t do I. I cried a coup

in the beginning. I’d look down and say, “Where is it?” I can feel pain in my missing leg. Phantom pain – it’s amazing how the brain works.

I remember when I frst woke up after surgery. I asked Jenni, “What’s that?” She said, “It’s your residual leg.” I thought “Oh, they gave it a nice name. I mean, I thought residuals were the royalties you get for making a hit song.”

inMotion: Jenni, is he always joking around?

Jenni: He continually keeps the mood light. He even cheers up people who come to visit him. We have a huge outpouring of well-wishes from the music community. A particular highlight was Ozzy calling Leslie to say, ‘What the …happened, man? My dad used to say, after 50, the warranty runs out.”

inMotion: So what now for Leslie West?

Leslie: My motivation and passion right now is to get back onstage. I made my frst public appearance after the amputation, in mid-August, at the Rock N’ Roll Fantasy camp in New York City. Jenni said it was

upcoming doing from t for the 3 l be Uli Jon Roth, Michael Schenker d me. We n October, pefully we’re a play about utes, and then we’re gonna out and play her. It’s gonna n and exciting. those guys. It’s nt generations, nerations of , so it should nteresting. have a new m, Unusual ts, due out ber 20 in the et. I actually before I lost my leg. It’s an album full of talent, with collaborations with other guitar legends like Slash, Zakk Wylde and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, to name a few.

But I really can’t wait to return to the stage with this fall tour. The details for the tour haven’t been worked out, like getting onstage.

inMotion: What sort of challenges are you facing with performing now?

Leslie: A lot of things I used to take for granted, like tour buses, steps, bathrooms and chairs. Getting used to this massive wheelchair isn’t easy. I am working to get into a prosthetic leg and will soon. I’ve fallen, been frustrated, and miss the little things, you know? It really surprised me to learn how weak my arms are. Learning to transfer my weight from the chair wasn’t all that simple. It’s not like I was in the gym or anything. I was too busy playing my guitar. Now, everything has to be evaluated. Are the restrooms wheelchair-accessible? How do you get into a tour bus on one leg? Just because a building is wheelchair-accessible, I’m learning, doesn’t mean its

handicap-friendly! The Amputee Coalition has been really helpful in [helping] us fnd an accessible tour bus. I’m working on getting my sound pedals and chair for performing onstage for long periods of time with one leg.

inMotion: Sounds like you’re determined. No one will be surprised to see you perform-ing on stage this fall.

Leslie: My manager has been trying to put together a tour “for ages” like 3 Guitar Heroes for a long time. So when the opportunity came up, I hopped on board. That’s right – the guy who just had his leg amputated. These guys are monster players and this should be a lot of fun. The tour kicks off October 6 in Norfolk, Connecticut, and will wrap up in Las Vegas on November 11. There will be special guests and surprise appearances by additional artists. It’s going to be a blast. Photography by Bobby Banks

Atenton, All Certfed

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