Camp Program

Each year, the Amputee Coalition Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp provides fun and exciting sports, recreation and social activities for campers. The camp experience includes a variety of activities such as a fully accessible ropes course where every child can set his or her own personal level of challenge. Peer discussion groups facilitated by older campers and amputee mentors help our young campers learn that they are not alone.

The Camp Experience

We have also developed leadership training for campers 15 to 17 years old to to prepare them to be camp counselors and leaders in their schools and communities. Each night, the camp hosts social events that offer campers the opportunity to enjoy dancing, performing, role-playing and other activities without the fear of feeling different.

Other activities include:

  • Fishing
  • Canoeing
  • Archery
  • Team field sports
  • Sitting volleyball
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Creative arts
  • Educational programs

Who Is Eligible?

  • Youths 10-17 years of age who have limb loss or limb difference

Travel to the Amputee Coalition Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp

The Amputee Coalition arranges travel plans for all camp attendees. This includes scheduling and purchasing flights for campers.

The Amputee Coalition follows current airline industry flight rules in purchasing special escort services for campers who are under 15. This service ensures that younger campers are escorted by a parent to their departure gate.

The Amputee Coalition also works closely with the airlines and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to ensure the best possible flight experience for our campers. The TSA designates specific security screening lines for our campers to help reduce screening time and any delays on the day of departure.

All campers are met by our counselors or staff at their arrival gate. For many campers, this is their first flying experience.

Camp Counselors & Oversight

All camp activities are facilitated by trained staff members of the Amputee Coalition or Joy Outdoor Education Center. Children are provided expert instruction on activities, and Joy Outdoor Education Center staff members are trained according to camping industry standards. Most of the Amputee Coalition Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp counselors are former youth camp attendees and/or are amputees themselves. This provides an opportunity for campers to learn from and be inspired by those who have been where they are. The mentoring relationship that develops between counselors and campers helps to reduce campers’ reluctance to try new activities and gives them greater confidence in using their own abilities. All counselors are volunteers and dedicate a week of their time to help with this event. Camp counselors participate in all activities and encourage by example. Many of our camp counselors take time out from their college education or jobs to volunteer because they have found the experience so rewarding and influential on the lives of children with limb loss or limb difference.

Counselors are chosen for their ability to relate to the campers, their experience working with youths and their desire to give back to the community that has supported them. The Amputee Coalition conducts background checks on all counselors.