Things to Do/See and Budget Tips

The Amputee Coalition 2017 National Conference will be held at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.

To learn more about things to do in Louisville, here are two great resources:
Louisville Highlights from the Chamber of Commerce
Local Attractions From the Galt House

Tips For Staying on a Budget During the Conference

  • Plan ahead – Planning ahead can allow you to take advantage of deals and perks that can save you money. Booking your adventures ahead of time allows you to save money!
  • Create a daily allowance – Set an allowance for how much you will spend on food, drinks, activities, etc., each day. By setting a daily allowance, you are less likely to spend frivolously.
  • Carry cash – Carrying cash allows you to be able to see exactly what you have. People who carry cash are also likely to spend less.
  • Ask the hotel staff – Hotel staff live, work and play in the area and know all the hot spots. Be sure to ask them for suggestions.
  • For more suggestions, read our conference budget fact sheet.