Athlete Amputee on 1,500 Mile “Forrest Stump” Triathlon Down West Coast to Make Stop in Sacramento

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Twenty-six-year old Nicole Ver Kuilen is biking, running and swimming the West Coast to raise awareness of the problems amputees face in America and to highlight the need for access to prosthetic care.

Nicole lost her leg to osteosarcoma at age 10 and her journey is inspiring – and is also a chance to share stories about barriers that prevent people from getting the basic health care they need. Whether the barrier is having sufficient insurance coverage, getting devices that fit individual needs, cost, or another challenge, getting prosthetic care is critical to living well with limb loss.

Nicole will arrive in Sacramento on Friday, September 29, and is meeting Rhett Simmons, a fellow amputee, along with members of Rhett’s support group and other allies.

“Besides the fact that we are both amputees, Rhett and I have a similar passion for effecting change,” said Nicole. “We want to shine a light on the needs of the 2 million people living with limb loss in the US. When something as simple as getting our prosthesis became challenging, we knew we had to do something.”

“Meeting Nicole is an additional catalyst for us to focus on the needs of amputees in California and nationally,” said Rhett. “I never imagined I would have to fight to simply get a leg to be able to walk.”

Date:  Friday September 29, 2017
Time: 5pm Pacific Time
Location: Cesar Chavez Park, 910 “I” Street, Sacramento, CA

If people can’t get the medical devices that are appropriate for their medical needs, it can mean that someone is unable to get to work, to safely maneuver in crowds, or more severe health impacts. Additionally, recent studies show that getting prosthetic care can actually save healthcare dollars. (