Government Shutdown Forces Cancellation of Fundraiser for Amputee Youth

Amputee Coalition Staff


The Amputee Coalition regrets that due to the continued federal government shutdown and the closing of the National Park Service, it is forced to cancel its youth camp fundraising event. The Kicking For Kids Who Can’t Kick-a-thon was scheduled for Saturday, October 19 from 10am to 12pm on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Kicking for Kids Who Can't (KFKWC) was founded by Ginna Goodenow in 2006 to assist children in adapting to limb loss. The fundraiser supports the Coalition’s camp, a five-day traditional summer camp experience for children ages 10-17 who have lost arms and/or legs or who were born with limb differences. Since its beginning in 2000, the camp has hosted nearly 800 campers with limb loss or limb difference.

“The Coalition covers all expenses, including travel, for the campers,” said Dan Berschinski, a member of the board of the Amputee Coalition and chairman of its youth camp committee. “The average cost to send a child to camp is $1,800, and our goal was to raise $18,000 – enough to send 10 kids to our Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp.”

“This camp changes lives. For most of these kids, they are the only one in their school, or even their town, with limb loss and camp allows them to interact with others like themselves,” said Berschinski, himself a decorated Afghanistan war veteran and amputee. “Camp inspires the kids to take on new challenges, be independent and gain self-esteem. They build lifelong friendships and look forward all year to coming back to camp. It’s a shame the government shutdown is hurting our efforts to help our youth.”

“We had a super exciting program planned, with inspirational speakers, soccer players, dance and martial arts demonstrations and more,” said Goodenow. “Kids would have had a blast participating in kicking events, including soccer, karate, kickball and football.”

“The shutdown may have prevented this year’s kick-a-thon,” she said, “but it’s not stopping us from planning for next year’s event! We have a tentative date of Saturday, October 18. In the meantime, we hope people will donate so amputee kids can go to summer camp in 2014!”

The Amputee Coalition would like to thank all of the KFKWC supporters, especially National Children’s Center, and many others who have helped send children with limb loss to summer camp. To learn more about camp or to donate, please visit the Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp Web site.