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Q&A - Calhoun Resignation

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Why is Kendra leaving the Amputee Coalition?
A: Kendra has accepted the role of senior vice president, Marketing and Public Relations for Avera Health, a $3 billion integrated health system in the Midwest.

When is Kendra’s last day at the Amputee Coalition?
A: August 31, 2013

How will Kendra’s departure impact the Amputee Coalition?
A: The Coalition has a strong leadership team and staff and they are working the strategic plan that was put in place four years ago. For the next year, there are planned projects, programs and activities which will be executed. The Board has put in place a transition plan to ensure there are no problems with the continuation of programs and services. The Board expects that the organization will continue to accomplish its initiatives and advance its programmatic goals and objectives.

Who will be the new president & CEO?
A: The new president & CEO has not been selected yet. Susan Stout has been named by the Board as the interim president & CEO until the position is filled. Ms. Stout has the full confidence of the Board and will ensure that the organization continues to move forward in meeting the needs of the limb loss community.

Who is Sue Stout?
A: Sue is the chief policy and programs officer and has been with the Amputee Coalition for more than two years. She has a depth of experience in nonprofit health and advocacy organizations and has overseen key areas at the Amputee Coalition, including the Peer Support Program, the National Limb Loss Resource Center and Government Relations.

How will the president & CEO position be filled?
A: The Board of Directors, over the coming weeks and months, will develop a search process that will be implemented.

Who will select the candidate?
A: The Amputee Coalition Board of Directors.

When will the president & CEO position be filled permanently?
A: The Amputee Coalition Board will develop a timeline as part of its search plan.